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Usendo is a well-established security company that has gained the trust of many clients. For any and all of your security needs, Usendo has the solutions. We offer a broad range of services at Usendo, including risk assessment, guarding and technology. At Usendo we realise that your needs are specialised and that is why we believe in giving you a tailor made security solution.

Our goal at Usendo is to provide all our clients with expert security service and to develop into one of the most effective, independent, inclusive security providers in South Africa, providing above standard quality at a reasonable price.

While a number of bad reports are going around about the level of security that most companies in South Africa are currently offering, it is difficult to determine a uniform of standard, as each company has their own quality benchmark. At Usendo we believe that your needs as a client come first. And because we would like to offer you the best solutions to your problems, we strive to always have trained staff, offer friendly service and to always be on top of technological advances.