006Armed and Unarmed Guarding Services

At Usendo we believe in the strict policy of protocol. One of our strict protocols is to pre-evaluate all our staff members by using polygraph tests.

Our most popular service at Usendo is manned guarding services. These services include guarding of premises against unauthorised entry, guarding premises against vandalism and damage or destruction and against theft. We also guard the individuals that reside or work in said premises against assault and other criminal acts. Our manned guards are there to provide physical presence, patrolling and reporting any threatening activities.

Our guards mainly work in shifts and depending on client needs, we can place them on site on a short to medium term basis. Be it for access control, vacant property, warehouse security or admission control, Usendo will take care of it.

All of our security guards are fully trained and licensed to the security industry authority standards. When you place one of our guards on your premises, detection and prevention of crime will be their first priority. Often merely the presence of a security guard will intimidate shoplifters and other criminals, but should this not be enough, our staff can act as a valuable tool to decrease stock loss.